Ammonium (NH3) is a colorless, pungent gas and is formed by the combination of nitrogen and hydrogen. Mostly used in industry as nitrogenous fertilizer and nitric acid production raw material. Ammonium is also used in many chemical products and cleaning products. The ammonium concentration is 99.9%. Percentage of the nitrogen is 82.35%.

Technical Ammonium Nitrate (TAN) 34.5-35%

Nitrogen percentage of Technical Ammonium Nitrate, used as raw material of ANFO and Emulsion explosive substances is between 34.5% and 35%.

Prill Porous Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN) 34.5%

Nitrogen percentage of Prill Porous Ammonium Nitrate, used as raw material of ANFO is between 34.5% and 35%.

Concentrated Nitric Acid (DNA) 98%

It is used for nitrating the organic materials such as Benzen, Toluen and produced upon demand by DNA MKE Elmadag and Krikkale Factories.

Diluted Nitric Acid (SNA) 56%

56% HNO₃ is an intermediate raw material of ammonium nitrate chemical fertilizers, produced by IGSAS, and also satisfies the needs of the market according to the demands.

In recent years, PH arrangement of irrigation water has been undertaken particularly in greenhouses and at the same time, practices are held to cause the plants to get the Nitrogen - they need – from the nitric acid.

Hydrous Ammonium 25%

Hydrous ammonium (NH₄OH) T.S. 835 that includes ammonium at the rate of 23-26% has the specifications of 2nd Class Type 2 and bears Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) Certificate

Ammonium Nitrate Solution (ANÇ) 90%

Ammonium nitrate concentration of Ammonium Nitrate Solution, used as a raw material for emulsion explosive substances, is 90%. Nitrogen percentage of the same is 31.5%.